Our commitment to cultural growth and development of the region is significant. We provide our neighbors with the finest professional product, community workshops and play readings along with actor workshops after every production.


  We provide our sponsors, advertisers and members an ever-growing marketplace to do business. Our patrons always appreciate how theater stewardship is vitally linked to theater commerce. Your customers love our plays; we invite you to speak to them through your support.


  Thank you for demonstrating your commitment to the arts in Western New York.









About us


  Far too long the center of award winning American drama was fifty-one exits down the New York State Thruway. We bring to our humble stage the brightest award winning American plays and playwrights, creating a new off ramp for these important works to live.


  BRAT was conceived out of a love and respect for our American drama. We are a vibrant and always-evolving troupe of actors, directors, teachers and theater historians. Leads, character actors, an IngĂ©nue a Soubrette and, of course, youth. They make up the foundations of Frank H. Fortescue's Famous Players, our resident troupe! We believe presenting our prize winners in this manner will provide the consistency and professionalism truly needed to breathe new life into it.